The planned development at 15th Street West and Rancho Vista Boulevard (Avenue P) has drawn fire not for the Sprouts Farmers Market, but for planned apartments and townhomes.

PALMDALE — Homeowners behind the lawsuit against the mixed-used residential and commercial development that includes a Sprouts Farmers Market and apartments and townhomes near the Antelope Valley Mall favor single-family homes over apartments and townhomes.

Responsible Growth Palmdale filed suit against the project in February citing concerns about traffic, parking, public safety, and inadequate streets.

The project is planned for a vacant 20.55-acre parcel on the northwest corner of Rancho Vista Boulevard (Avenue P) and 15th Street West, with the retail center on the corner and the majority of the residential units to the north.

The housing portion of the project will include 308 apartments, most of them studio and one-bedroom units, as well as 36 two- to three-bedroom townhouses.

The high-end, gated complex will feature a central recreation building, pool, picnic area and other recreational amenities.

The lawsuit is on appeal after a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ruled Responsible Growth Palmdale filed it too late

A homeowner who is part of Responsible Growth Palmdale and who asked not to be identified said they would like to know why their attorney, Tal Finney, missed the filing date.

“We’ve had two settlement officers,” the homeowner said. “The first one he had a conference call. The second one he just took it upon himself to say no without asking us and never did a vote.”

Finney did not immediately return a phone message Friday afternoon.

The homeowner said they are not opposed to housing at the development. However, they want single-family homes, not apartments.

“We don’t want three-story apartments that can look down in people’s backyards,” the homeowner said.

Project proponents say the housing needed to support the growing aerospace, medical, and other industries in the area that are drawing new employees to the Valley, many of whom are not in the market for a house.

“I don’t mind all that; we just don’t want Section 8 in there,” the homeowner said.

The homeowner said a mysterious benefactor is paying the attorney’s costs.

“He’s never fought for the side that we’re on; he’s always fought for the opposite side, of the builder,” the homeowner said.

The homeowner said they would welcome a Sprouts market.

“It’s not that we don’t want Sprouts,” the homeowner said. “We’d love a Sprouts, but not 308 apartments and 36 townhomes and five fast-food restaurants.”

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