Motel fire

WHAT HAPPENED? — Los Angeles County Fire Department firefighters clean up after a fire that broke out Thursday mor­ning in the laundry room of the Regal Lodge Motel.

LANCASTER — A fire broke out Thursday mor­ning in the laundry room of the Regal Lodge Motel and spread to the attic be­fore Los Angeles Coun­ty fire­fighters extin­guished it.

The fire was reported at 10:27 a.m. The L.A. County Fire Department sent four engines to the scene, ac­cord­ing to a Los Angeles County Fire Department dispatcher.

The blaze was ex­tin­guished at 10:51 a.m.

“It filtered through the attic space throughout the en­tire motel. We were for­tu­nate to confine it to that one area only,” Capt. Ken Gar­cia of Station 33 in down­town Lancaster said.

No injuries were re­port­ed.

The electricity and gas were turned off at the motel as a precaution. Gar­cia and the motel’s oper­a­tors checked each room for power after the fire was extinguished to see if the individual rooms could be re-inhabited.

“We’ve restored most of it,” Garcia said.

The motel has 20 rooms, of which eight were oc­cu­pied. Anyone who was left out of a room be­cause of damage or a lack of electricity would be pro­vi­ded assistance by the An­tel­ope Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross.

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