Bobcat fire

The Bobcat fire ravages the hills south of Juniper Hills, whose residents were ordered to evacuate Thursday by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

JUNIPER HILLS — The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department ordered evacuations early Thursday afternoon for residents in Juniper Hills, and Paradise Springs, including Devils Punchbowl as the Bobcat fire grew northward.

The fire expanded to 50,539 acres Wednesday night and remained at 3% containment.

Forest officials reported that the fire crossed Highway 2 near the junction with Highway 39, which is south of Juniper Hills.

In addition to Juniper Hills, authorities issued evacuation orders for Cima Mesa, north of Pinecrest Mesa, south of Colley Place, east of 96th Street East, east and west of 106th Street East, south of Fort Tejon Road, east and west of Longview Road, Big Rock Creek north of Jubilee Trail and west of Big Rock Creek Road.

There are hard closures for Fort Tejon Road and Valyermo, and 131st Street East and Fort Tejon Road, the sheriff’s department said.

The Antelope Valley Fairgrounds was open to accommodate large animals. Smaller animals could be taken to the Palmdale Animal Care Center.

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Did Gov Newsom "re-route" funds intended for fire prevention to illegal aliens...?

Seems the Dems are using the scorched earth tactic...the political actions of cowards, before they are removed from power.

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