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Palmdale Sheriff’s Station Deputy Cameron Kinsey saved the life of an 11-month-old boy May 31 near Marie Kerr Park after he saw two women, one with the baby in her arms, rush toward deputies.

PALMDALE — Palmdale Sheriff’s Station Deputy Cameron Kinsey was in the right place at the right time to save an 11-month-old boy who stopped breathing and lost consciousness.

Kinsey was on his normal patrol unit May 31 assigned to watch a protest at Marie Kerr Park. Kinsey’s job was to observe from a distance and help keep the peace.

While Kinsey watched from a parking lot across the street from the park, two women ran toward him. One of the woman held a small child in her arms.

Security camera footage of the incident, posted on the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station’s Facebook page, shows a woman wearing a pink top run diagonally across the parking. She disappears briefly and reemerges as Kinsey runs into the video frame toward the woman holding the child. The woman holding the child pats the boy on the back several times. Kinsey grabs the baby and gets on his knees to administer aid.

“Mom did the right thing,” Kinsey said. “She was quick-thinking and started patting him on the back to dislodge whatever he had stuck in there. I saw that. I saw she was scared and kind of frantic, so I ran over and I grabbed the baby. At that point training just took over.”

Kinsey conducted a medical assessment. He checked the baby’s airways, breathing and pulse, and gave him a couple more pats on the back to try to dislodge whatever was stuck in the baby’s throat. The baby had turned blueish. Kinsey opened the baby’s airway with a mouth sweep procedure with his finger. The baby started crying and breathing again.

“I checked his mouth to see if anything was blocking his airway, and called for the fire department because that’s their expertise,” Kinsey said.

The baby was transported to Antelope Valley Hospital, then airlifted to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles where he underwent surgery. It turns out there was a quarter lodged in the baby’s throat.

Kinsey has been a deputy for six years. His life-saving actions attracted the attention of multiple media outlets on Wednesday who conducted interviews with the modest deputy after the video was posted on the station’s Facebook page Tuesday afternoon.

“I’ve never had anything like this before so it’s a little bit uncomfortable,” Kinsey said.

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I’m so glad he was there to help. I just watched the video on Facebook with tears running down my cheeks.


If you defund the police...the outcomes will be different...count on it.

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