PALMDALE — The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s Palmdale station continued to crack down on traffic issuing 39 citations on Wednesday.

The station’s traffic unit focused its efforts to conduct an operation on Avenue S between Cemetery Road and 25th Street East during the evening commuting hours. It resulted in 39 citations issued, two vehicles impounded and one warning given.

The operation targeted drivers who were passing traffic on the right near the curb and those who drove over the painted median and westbound left-turn lane in order to enter the eastbound left-turn lane for 25th Street East.

Traffic Sergeant Phillip Anderson said in a public statement that they received numerous complaints about these issues and there have been several collisions in this area from these violations.

“We have conducted enforcement in the area and seen firsthand the scope of the problem,” he said in the statement.  “Therefore, it was decided an operation to saturate the area would make a larger impact on the issue.”

Anderson also said in the statement it is imperative that all drivers follow the traffic laws, as they were enacted to keep everyone safe as they travel.

“Please remember that it is unsafe and illegal to drive outside of a marked traffic lane in order to pass other vehicles,” he said, “especially when it is done at a high rate of speed compared to the vehicles in the traffic lanes.”

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Its so annoying to see the cars zoom passed you making a lane of their own. Disregarding the lane marking. I'm glad to hear that AVS is taking action. Its a very day occurrence.

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