Lake L.A. Art

Mary Hanna (left) and Donyale Fowler hold a “wish list” poster created for Lake Los Angeles schools and Sorensen Park on Saturday at the Los Angeles County Arts Commission Regional Plan for Arts Education Community Forum.

LANCASTER — Antelope Valley Partners For Health hosted Saturday’s “Create the Future” community forum sponsored by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission Regional Plan for Arts Education.

The goals were to build relationships with community members, and explore ways to increase access to, and improve, in-school arts education; get more youth into creative careers; discover how to increase arts education in the communities; and how arts can improve County services.

Shirley Harriman, Peggy Ronning, Mary Hanna, Darrel Walters and Donyale Fowler represented the community of Lake Los Angeles, Sorensen Park, and the Antelope Valley Indian Museum State Historic Park.

After the half-day forum, the 48 attendees took a Gallery Walk to explore what they created. The goals were broken into five break-out sessions at each table and put on display posters created by table group discussions, followed by networking with one another.

Lake Los Angeles community members took an active role in expressing the community’s interests in each group discussion round to let the Commission know what they have and what they are working toward with County Arts that will benefit the community’s schools and park.

Harriman noted the county needs their input and partnerships.

“They came with asking us for our ideas and needs and 48 of us provided that information,” Harriman wrote. “How often do we get handed a menu to make choices? I am happy Arts has recognized the need for more participation in the arts, all of them, and how arts create a well-rounded-out person. Arts have been absent from the curriculum and daily lives of children with adverse results.”

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