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LANCASTER — The Antelope Valley has not escaped the rise in COVID cases reported nationwide in recent weeks and even days, a surge that is reflected in rising hospitalization numbers.

Antelope Valley Hospital reported 37 patients with COVID as of Dec. 28. This is up from the 25 patients reported a week ago, on Dec. 22.

Of those hospitalized, more than double the number were unvaccinated than vaccinated, 25 to 12.

The hospital listed three patients in the ICU and one on ventilation, all unvaccinated, in the Dec. 28 report.

While more patients were hospitalized in the past week, the numbers in ICU and on ventilation decreased. In the Dec. 22 report, five patients were in the ICU and on ventilation. Of those, only one was vaccinated.

Two weeks ago, on Dec. 15, the hospital reported 30 COVID patients, all but four who were unvaccinated.  

The Dec. 8 report showed 24 COVID patients, 19 of which were unvaccinated.

Los Angeles County Public Health Department figures have shown a dramatic increase in cases reported in recent weeks, with case numbers doubling from day-to-day in some instances.

The county reported 16,510 new COVID cases, on Wednesday, showing a 91% increase over the past week (from 8,633 cases).

Test positivity rates have jumped during that time from 8.7% to 17.6% and daily hospitalizations have climbed more than 30% (from 770 to 1,069).

The combination of the more-readily transmittable Omicron variant, combined with cold weather and holiday gatherings, is credited with the surging numbers.

As of Dec. 18, 54% of positive cases tested in Los Angeles County were the Omicron variant, the Public Health Department reported.

“As cases continue to rise, it is important that we all use the tools available to help us curb the spread,” Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said in a release, on Wednesday. “As we get ready to welcome the new year, this includes re-thinking party plans, limiting time indoors with non-household members, and isolating from others if feeling sick. And always wear a medical grade mask when in close contact with others outside your household.”

Vaccination and boosters remain critical, Public Health officials said, as well as testing after traveling, with a possible exposure, have symptoms or gathering with others outside your household.

Edwards Air Force Base moved to Health Protection Condition-Bravo, on Wednesday night, an increased level of alert that institutes some restrictive measures to combat the virus’ spread. This includes rules to increase telework and reduced capacities for work places and other gathering spaces.

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Jimzan 2.0

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