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ANTELOPE ACRES — Resurfacing work is scheduled to start this month on Los Angeles County roads around Antelope Acres, part of more than $13 million in road resurfacing work scheduled to be done this spring and summer in unincorporated areas around the Antelope Valley, county Supervisor Kathryn Barger announced.

The work includes resurfacing nearly 10 miles of East Avenue E, a heavily-traveled two-lane road used by Edwards Air Force Base commuters and by big rig drivers trying to avoid congested urban areas, according to Barger’s staff.

Preparatory work on East Avenue E between 35th and 130th streets east started last week.

In the Antelope Acres area west of Lancaster, Los Angeles County Public Works officials said resurfacing of 60th Street West between avenues B and D is scheduled to start May 13 and finish May 24. Resurfacing of 80th Street West between avenues D and F is scheduled to take place between May 20 and 31. Resurfacing of Avenue F between 70th and 90th streets west is scheduled between May 27 and June 7.

Those roads will be closed to through traffic during construction, but Antelope Acres residents will have access to their homes, Public Works officials said.

Also on the county Public Works’ schedule for resurfacing this summer are:

• Avenue L between 52nd and 55th streets west in the Quartz Hill area.

• Avenue P between 30th and 50th streets east.

• Palmdale Boulevard between 140th and 170th streets east.

• 110th Street East between Palmdale Boulevard and Avenue R.

Residential streets in southern Lake Los Angeles in the area roughly bordered by Avenue Q, Palmdale Boulevard, and 150th and 170th streets east are also scheduled for work this summer.

The resurfacing work is financed by the state gas tax hike of 12 cents a gallon that was approved by the Legislature in 2017 and reaffirmed by California voters last November.

The 2019 work is among roughly $70 million worth of street resurfacing work scheduled this year and over the next five years with gas tax money in the unincorporated Antelope Valley. The unincorporated area includes communities such as Littlerock, Sun Village, Pearblossom, Acton, Elizabeth Lake, Lake Hughes and Llano, as well as Lake Los Angeles, Quartz Hill and Antelope Acres. Unincorporated areas where streets are maintained by county Public Works crews are outside the city limits of Lancaster and Palmdale.

The county Board of Supervisors is expected to approve spending on $18 million worth of road projects next year for the unincorporated Antelope Valley. Projects proposed for spending next year include:

• Bouquet Canyon Road.

• Godde Hill Road and Quartz Hill Road.

• Avenue N between 50th and 90th streets east.

• Avenue G from 70th Street West to west of 90th Street West.

• Avenue L between 40th and 52nd streets west.

• 55th Street West between Columbia Way (Avenue M) and Avenue M-8.

• 30th Street West between avenues N-8 and O-12.

• 20th Street West between Avenue O-12 and Columbia Way (Avenue M).

• Palmdale Boulevard between 170th and 215th streets west.

• 240th Street East between Palmdale Boulevard and Avenue J.

• Avenue J between 150th and 240th streets east.

The 2019 county list doesn’t include a roughly $9.8 million project resurfacing Pearblossom Highway from west of 25th Street East to 55th Street East. Expected to start this summer, the Pearblossom Highway work will be managed by the city of Palmdale, although the county will share in the cost because parts of the highway are in unincorporated areas. In 2020-21, county officials expect to perform about $1 million worth of resurfacing on another segment of Pearblossom Highway, stretching from the Palmdale city limits near 25th Street East west to Sierra Highway.

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