SUN VILLAGE — More than 150 pieces of artwork by local young­sters are on display at Jackie Robinson Park in the park’s 36th annual Black History Art and Coloring Contest.

Sponsored by the WOW Flower Project and Jackie Robinson Park, the contest art­work is on display through Wednesday in the Carroll Building at the park, 8773 East Ave. R.

Sixteen winners re­ceived certificates from Los Angeles County Su­per­visor Kath­ryn Barger and from the Los An­gel­es County Department of Parks and Rec­re­a­­tion, plus ribbons and Mc­Donald’s gift cer­tif­icates.

The winners were Maria Reyes, 13, of Lake Los Angeles School; Eli Arm­strong, 13, of Lake Los Angeles School; Kate­lyn Murrieta, 14, of Lake Los Angeles School; Omari Penn, 14, of Lake Los An­gel­es School; Xavier Gar­cia, 8, of Antelope El­em­en­tary School; Baylee Lethbridge, 8, of Antelope Elementary School; Adan Salazar Udave, 10, of Antelope El­em­entary School; Imel­da Lara, 9, of Alpine Ele­men­tary School; Destinee Flor­en­tino, 9, of Alpine Ele­men­tary School; Ariel Huezo, 9, of Alpine Ele­men­­tary School; Marilyn De­v­ora, 14, of Lake Los An­gel­es School; Thomas Vas­quez, 13, of Lake Los Angeles School; Al­ex­an­der Romero, 10, of Alpine Ele­men­tary School; Paola Fer­nan­dez, 10, of Alpine Ele­men­tary School; Ales­san­dra Al­var­ez, 10, of Alpine Ele­men­tary School, and An­as­tasia Rod­ri­guez, 10, of Alpine Ele­mentary School.

At the awards cere­mony, speakers included Glennis Mason, Jamie Jones and Simone Zulu of the Sun Village Women’s Club; Sun Vil­lage Women’s Club Pres­ident Waun­ette Cullors, who is also a Littlerock Town Council member; Donia Keys of the Jolly Se­niors; Tyrone Brooks, a recreation leader at Jack­ie Robinson Park, and Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation De­part­ment Recreation Services Manager Will­iam Champion III.

The artwork depicts African-Americans in­clu­ding Ella Fitzgerald, Stephen Curry, the Tus­ke­gee Airmen, Mar­tin Luther King, Tina Tur­ner, Elizabeth Eckford, Stevie Wonder, Maya An­gelo,  Samuel Jackson, Jo­seph­ine Baker and Jackie Robinson.

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