SACRAMENTO — California’s county elections officials are urging the lieutenant governor not to schedule the expected recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom before mid-September.

One reason? Any earlier and they can’t guarantee enough paper to print ballots.

“The California Association of Clerks and Election Officials (CACEO) members are committed to running an efficient, accurate, cost-effective, and transparent election,” the group wrote in a Monday letter. “We urge the Lieutenant Governor’s office (to) take our concerns seriously, which will allow us to conduct a successful election process. We owe this to our voters.”

The election date remains uncertain. While the state has signaled the recall has qualified for the ballot, several convoluted steps remain before it is certified to go to voters. Among them: formally estimating the cost of the election.

Democrats who control the Legislature already voted to give counties $215 million and are trying to change the recall law to speed up the process, potentially allowing the recall to be scheduled by late summer. Meanwhile, the county clerks are warning against moving too fast.

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They are just trying to stall Newsoms recall, so he can take in more bribes (IMHO). Newsom thinks you are an idiot....he is probably right.

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