PALMDALE — The City Council appointed seven people and seven alternates to the Measure AV Oversight Committee.

The committee members are Steven Angebrandt, Cynthia Garcia, John Manning, Chuck Murphy, Maribel Briseno, Rick Carr and Judy Vaccaro-Fry.

The seven alternate committee members are Colby Estes, Marsha Furman, Stacia Nemeth, Marina Penrose, Donald Ryan and Barbara Smart.

Mayor Steve Hofbauer nominated Angebrandt, Carr. Estes, Ryan, Smart and Vaccaro-Fry.

Councilman Austin Bishop nominated Murphy and Furman; Councilman Richard Loa nominated Manning and Penrose; Mayor Pro Tem Laura Bettencourt nominated Garcia and Nemeth; and Councilman Juan Carrillo nominated Eric Ohlsen and Briseno.

Bishop recused himself from the vote on Carr, Vaccaro-Fry and Eric Olsen due to a prior business relationship with them.

The nomination for Ohlsen, who ran unsuccessfully for the mayor’s seat in the Nov. 3 election, failed on a 2-2 vote, with Hofbauer and Loa dissenting.

After the failure of Ohlsen’s nomination, Briseno, Carrillo’s alternate nominee, became his primary nominee. Carrillo then nominated Roger Villasenor as his alternate, which the council approved.

The committee will review revenue and expenditures from Measure AV, the three-quarter cent sales tax increase approved by local voters on Nov. 3. The measure raised sales tax in the city to 10.25% starting April 1.

The measure is expected to raise about $12 million annually to maintain essential city services such as 911 emergency response, repair streets and potholes,and support community-based policing and crime prevention programs.

“The purpose of creating the committee is to promote continued dialogue with various segments of the community in the hopes of building and maintaining a more inclusive community,” City Manager J.J. Murphy said is a presentation.

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