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Ron Benedetti (left), Antelope Valley College’s director of Capital Projects, tours the under-construction Discovery Lab with Rhonda Burgess, senior administrative assistant; Vicki Mathias, graphic artist (brown blouse); and Terri Grey, an at-large member of the Measure AV Citizens Oversight Committee, in June.

LANCASTER — Construction of Antelope Valley College’s Student Services and Discovery Lab buildings will be delayed between two and three months due to a change in contractors for concrete work.

According to a resolution approved by AV College trustees in closed session during a special Wednesday afternoon meeting, the college will deduct concrete work from MVC Enterprises Inc. (also known as Moreno Valley Construction) contracts and request a proposal from Inland Builders, another contractor awarded work to complete portions of the buildings, to complete the concrete work.

The Board awarded contracts to MVC Enterprises to construct portions of the Student Services and Discovery Lab. Construction of the buildings is ongoing and MVC Enterprises’ performance and completion of certain concrete work for the projects is critical for maintaining progress of the buildings construction to avoid delaying other contractors, according to the resolution.

“W(hereas) MVC has failed and refused to perform under the MVC Contracts, including failure to mobilize materials, equipment, manpower and other resources necessary to perform the Concrete Work,” the resolution said.

Messages left, Thursday, for MVC Enterprises were not immediately returned.

Rather than enforce MVC Enterprises to complete the work under its contracts, AV College can deduct the concrete work from MVC’s contracts and have it completed by other contractors, according to the resolution.

Inland Builders is licensed by the Contractors State License Board to perform concrete work and is otherwise qualified and capable of completing the concrete work, according to the resolution.

Inland Builders has materials, equipment, manpower and other resources mobilized at the building and is intimately familiar with the projects and is able to perform the concrete work, according to the resolution.

The resolution allows AV College to deduct the concrete work from MVC Enterprises and request a  proposal from Inland Builders to complete the concrete work without the need to go through a formal bidding process, which could further delay the projects.

AV College President Ed Knudson wrote in an email that the resolution is part of the process.

“The key right now is to keep the subcontractors on schedule,” Knudson wrote. “By making sure the concrete work is completed on these two projects, the other subcontracted work can be completed on time.”

The college has experienced some delays in the Discovery Lab and Student Services building projects, the president acknowledged, and are taking action to  avoid having those delays extended even further.  

He added each project will be delayed about two to three months from the current timeline for each building. That would put the Discovery Lab with a projected completion date of February or March 2022 and the Student Services building with  a projected completion date of July or August 2022.

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Jimzan 2.0

I would like to think at least one of those women are familiar with construction, and the gentleman that is talking to them is not speaking to them in the equivalent of some foreign language.. that they do not understand...Real Progress..... or a Dog and Pony Show to appease the Taxpayers....You be the judge.

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