LOS ANGELES — More than 180 protesters in Los Angeles were arrested and several members of the news media were detained in the second night of confrontation over the removal of a large homeless encampment that overtook a city park, police said Friday.

Streets reopened as cleanup crews went to work at Echo Park Lake north of downtown.

A Los Angeles Police Department statement said an unlawful assembly was declared Thursday night near the park when “several instigators” disrupted peaceful activity by using strobe lights against the officers.

The department said the 182 arrests were for failure to disperse and that three people who identified themselves as members of the media and another three who said they were with the National Lawyers Guild were released at the scene. NLG members observe demonstrations to protect the rights of protesters.

The incident followed a confrontation with protesters Wednesday night when the city moved to fence off the park for repairs while trying to move homeless people to alternative housing.

The Los Angeles Times said one of its reporters was briefly detained Thursday night but was released without being arrested after inquiries by the newspaper’s editors and attorney.

Times Managing Editor Kimi Yoshino said the news organization was outraged that the reporter was detained while doing his job.

The LAPD said the declaration of unlawful assembly was announced at least five times and members of the media were asked to remove themselves from the crowd.

When reporters were detained along with protesters, representatives of the police media relations team were brought in to identify them and they were released without being arrested, police said.

Mitch O’Farrell, the City Council member who represents the Echo Park area, has spearheaded efforts to remove the camp, house its residents elsewhere and repair what he has described as hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage.

O’Farrell said nearly 200 people who had been living at the park have been provided transitional housing.

Police said the last two people remaining in the park Friday morning declined repeated offers for housing from service providers and were arrested without incident on municipal code violations including erecting a tent in a city park.

Robert “Bobby” Rodriguez, 44, waited outside fence Friday as cleaning crews worked.

He said in an interview via a photojournalist’s cellphone that he was unable to return to his tent when the fence went up and was worried about his belongings. He said a sign on the fence stated that items would be taken to another location.

“I have nothing with me right now and I don’t know what I’m going to do. I have no ID, no phone, no wallet,” he said.

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