LANCASTER — The City wants to reduce bicycle and pedestrian crash statistics by fomenting generational behavior change through a K-12 active transportation safety and healthy living education program.

Thanks to a California Office of Traffic Safety grant, the city designed the See and Be Seen signal cabinet wrap bicycle and pedestrian Safety Education Campaign to remind people about traffic rules and safety behaviors to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

Last year the city took its award-winning program on the road to visit local schools with science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics-based, full-length assemblies to promote bicycle and pedestrian safety.

The goal was to reach 22,000 students over 75 assemblies at 35 schools. Due to restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, City officials converted the assemblies to a STEAM and physical education distance learning  K-12 curriculum set.

“We included, again, the PE because district administrators were saying, ‘Look, physical education is one of the hardest things for us to implement through distance learning. So if we’re going to do this can we please include that,’ ” management analyst Candice Vander Hyde said during a presentation at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

The curriculum is available to download on the city’s website at

There is also a student art contest for the next series of See and Be Seen signal cabinet wraps. Winners of the contest will have their artwork adapted and featured on a See and Be Seen signal cabinet in addition to other prizes. The art contest, conducted in partnership with the Museum of Art and History, is open to all Lancaster students in kindergarten through 12th grade. The student work will also be featured in an exhibition at MOAH: Cedar on Dec. 11 to 13. The exhibition is tentatively scheduled as in-person. There is a virtual experience alternative planned if necessary.

Students must choose a See and Be Seen safety message —Make Eye Contact, Eyes Up. Phone Down. Ride right in the bike lane and Keep in Mind. Walk between the lines —as inspiration for their creation.

“Our goal is to have submissions from students representing every school in Lancaster,” Vander Hyde said. “So that at least one cabinet near every school will be wrapped with student art and safety education.”

The deadline to submit entries by mail or in-person is Nov. 13.

If you are mailing in or dropping off your submission to City Hall put your artwork in a flat envelope. Do not fold, roll, or crease your artwork. Deliver or mail entries to See and Be Seen Art Contest, Lancaster City Hall, 44933 Fern Ave., Lancaster, CA 93534

The deadline to submit entries online is Nov. 15. Upload the best picture or scanned image of your artwork to:

Students are asked to hold on to their original artwork as it will be featured in the exhibition. Students can also submit art work completed during the art curriculum lessons or their own art for the exhibition.

“If you just wanted to do it at home, you could also submit your art from the art lessons and the curriculum to be a part of the exhibition,” Vander Hyde said.

The submission guidelines and deadlines are the same for the cabinet wrap contest.

Residents can share safety tips via social media with the hashtags #seeandbeseen and #WeSeelLancaster

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