LANCASTER — The City Council will consider adopting the proposed Lancaster Safer Streets Action Plan at Tuesday night’s meeting.

The plan is more than a year in the making. In March 2017, the City received a $225,000 Caltrans grant (including a $25,000 local fund match) to participate in the Systemic Safety Analysis Report program. The program goal was to assist local agencies to prepare the future Highway Safety Improvement Program and other safety program applications, according to a staff report by Development Services Director Jeff Hogan.

In March 2018, the City awarded a contract to Fehr & Peers to complete a systemic safety analysis report. The Fehr & Peers team worked with city staff from April 2018 through last December to complete the report. The resulting report is the Lancaster Safer Streets Action Plan.

Lancaster’s Traffic Engineering team will present the action plan to the City Council on Tuesday night with the recommendation to adopt the plan.

“Traffic safety is one of the City’s top priorities,” senior manager/City engineer Trolis Niebla wrote in an email response.

According to Niebla, the action plan is the result of the city participating in the Systemic Safety Analysis Report Program, a state-funded, data-driven procedure to address fatal and severe injuries for people traveling on foot, by bike, or by car. The program goal is to identify high-risk roadway characteristics and recommend countermeasures to address the crashes and, ultimately, devise a traffic safety program to eliminate traffic-related deaths and injuries, Niebla said.

The City Council will meet at 5 p.m. Tuesday in council chambers at City Hall, 44933 Fern Ave.

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