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LANCASTER — The City Council unanimously agreed to add a ballot measure for the April 12 municipal election to see whether voters would support a proposed ordinance, in response to increasing public health and safety concerns, to impose an administrative fine for loitering or camping within 500 feet of sensitive uses such as schools, churches, daycares, parks and libraries.

“This will be an advisory vote to get feedback from the community as it relates to their wishes along these lines,” City Manager Jason Caudle said at the Dec. 14  City Council meeting.

Should the ballot measure pass, Caudle said they would identify an ordinance and the specifics associated with it, and then implement those wishes through the city’s Public Safety Office and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

“I want to know, what is it the people want?” Mayor R. Rex Parris said.

Parris added they will work around whatever the community wants.

“I want to know what the community thinks, and whatever the community thinks we will start working around that,” Parris said. “So let’s see what they say. Maybe they do want homeless encampments wherever they want to put them up, and if they do we’ll live with that. But let’s find out.”

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Jimzan 2.0

I let a homeless person (Roman) stay in my garage for about 1 year. He joined us for Christmas dinner (Prime Rib), and Thanksgiving...To this day Roman is like family to us. He went to town to party (shall we say) when his EBT charged up...(his last number on his EBT card was 5, so his card charged up on the 5th of every month) I told him with CoVid just hitting the population, he could not return and possible get us sick if he went into town. The urge to party has a strong calling for many...shall we say. I asked Roman "don't you worry about tomorrow?" He said "no"...You see Roman lives for the day. What I believe was Romans cause of homelessness...His Dad was a Govt. employee that died on the job...thus making Roman and his sibling eligible for death benefits. Roman got use to the free money, that was giving to him each month. Is it Romans fault...? Is it the Govt.'s fault...? I do not want to see Roman hurt in any way...but let's keep him out of the faces of the taxpayers, who have worked hard, and had financial discipline. The hard working taxpayers does not deserve to be looking blithe in the face everyday, because some Woke POS says "they are privileged". Want to wreck a person.. give them "endless" welfare...without requiring them to ever having to earn that lifestyle. And then let them play the "Privileged B.S." on you. I think I will take Roman out to lunch in the next fews days...I do miss him.

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