LANCASTER — The City Council approved more than $16.4 million in mid-year adjustments to the 2018-19 adopted bud­get and capital im­prove­ment program that in­cludes $50,000 toward a City Hall remodel, $22,500 for an increase in homeless and transient damage, and $50,000 for rehabilitation at JetHawks Stadium.

The City Council last No­vem­ber approved the is­su­ance of up to $16 million in lease revenue bonds for public improvement proj­ects that include a remodel and expansion of City Hall, es­tim­ated to cost about $4.5 million, as well as park improvements and city beautification.

“We are in the process of design and remodel of the entire City Hall,” City Man­ager Jason Caudle said Thursday.

The $22,500 toward the home­less and transient dam­age covers city staff time to fix things that get bro­ken or damaged.

The city will also invest $166,000 for information tech­nology at the former Lan­cast­er Community Shel­ter, which will be trans­formed into the Lan­caster Community Shelter.

The city will have to spend about $72,285 to re­pair vandalism of light poles at the Lancaster Na­tion­al Soccer Center, where van­dals stole the copper wiring from the pole.

There is another $97,000 for roundabout artwork at Lancaster Boulevard and 15th Street West, and $56,000 for roundabout art­work at Lancaster Bou­le­vard and 15th Street East.

The artwork will be pub­lic art sculpture similar to the work at Avenue L and Challenger Way.

The City Council voted 4-0 to approve the ex­pen­dit­ures minus the $56,000 for the roundabout art­work, which was voted on separately. Councilman Angela Underwood Jacobs was absent Tuesday night.

Vice Mayor Marvin Crist recused himself from the vote on the roundabout art­work  at 15th Street East and Lancaster Boulevard so the final vote was 3-0.

The more than $16.4 million included an overall increase in expenditures, transfers out, and capital im­provement projects to­tal­ing more than $4.4 mil­lion.

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