GETTING LEGAL — With enhancements to the exterior on the way, the Palmdale Planning Commission approved a permit to bring the Palm Motel on Sixth Street East into compliance with city codes and legalize its use as a motel.

PALMDALE — The Plan­ning Commission on Thurs­day approved a con­di­tion­al use permit for a motel on Sixth Street East that will bring it into com­pliance with modern city codes and legalize its use.

The permit was ap­proved on a 3-0 vote, with Com­mis­sioners Deana Ward and Angel Olvera ab­sent.

The 10-unit Palm Motel was originally permitted by Los Angeles County in 1952. Although the site has since been brought into the city and subject to its municipal code, it was considered a legal non-conforming structure, a status which expired in 1982. As informed by a letter from the city in 2014, the motel has been oper­a­ting without a permit since then.

In August 2017, the city’s code enforcement div­­is­ion issued a letter re­ques­ting the owner bring the motel into compliance with the city’s codes due to occupants exceeding the max­imum 30-day lodging time period, according to the staff report.

The motel owner Krish­na Swamy requested to le­gal­ize the motel’s use with the existing buildings in April.

The application includes pro­posed improvements to the motel, including a new trash enclosure, new paved walkway, new as­phalt pa­ving and new land­scap­ing. In addition, the ex­ter­ior will be enhanced with new stack stone, new win­dows and doors with trim. These enhancements “will significantly improve the aes­thetic qualities of the ex­isting site and the com­mu­nity,” according to the staff report.

Additionally, the exterior through-the-wall air con­di­tion­ing units facing Sixth Street East and the north side will be relocated inside the building.

Commission Chairman Sta­cia Nemeth questioned Swamy if he was aware of fu­ture plans for the area for an expanded trans­por­ta­tion center to serve the Cal­ifornia High-Speed Rail, Met­ro­link and other modes of transportation, “which could be many, many years off.” He said he was aware of the plans, which may re­sult in removal of the ex­ist­ing bus­i­nesses in the neigh­bor­hood.

“I would just like to say I think this is very noble of you to put in the im­prove­ments that you are doing there. I think it will def­initely make a better living facility for the people who are living there and I appreciate your time and energy to come up to code on that,” Nemeth said.

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