Avenue S

Palmdale plans enhance a 2,150-foot stretch of the bike trail along Avenue S from west of Big Pond Avenue to east of Dawson Drive. The city has been awarded a grant to add drought-tolerant plants and trees, with water-conserving irrigation.

PALMDALE — The city has been awarded a $500,000 grant to improve landscaping along a portion of Avenue S.

The grant from the California Natural Resources Agency’s Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Grant Program will enhance a 2,150-foot stretch of the bike trail from west of Pond Avenue to east of Dawson Drive, crossing 35th Street East.

The grant funds will be used to add drought-tolerant plants and trees, with water-conserving irrigation, along the bike path. It will match other recent improvements along Avenue S which used boulders, cobbles and decomposed granite, officials said.

The plan includes Joshua trees for protection and preservation of this species.

“This very substantial grant will have a very positive environmental impact on our community,” City Manager J.J. Murphy said. “The project will add beauty and sustainability to one of our city’s busiest corridors.”

The Avenue S corridor is a major arterial that connects the Antelope Valley Freeway and Highway 138, and is heavily traveled by the local community and regional users, officials said.

The improvements will be part of the existing landscape maintenance district and will help create a more welcoming pedestrian route surrounding the existing bike and pedestrian pathway.

“Aside from real and measurable benefits to human health, property values and business performance, air quality, atmospheric carbon dioxide reduction, storm water management and conservation in building energy use, quality green spaces can build stronger neighborhoods and stronger social connections,” Palmdale’s Landscape Superintendent Steven J. Montenegro said. “The support of our engaged residents also contributed to securing this grant award and is just one example of how together we can continue cultivating greatness into our community.”

Public input on the project was collected as part of the grant process.

“We’re very thankful for the support of California Assemblyman Tom Lackey and Senator Scott Wilk on this project,” Mayor Steve Hofbauer said. “We also received valuable support from the Antelope Valley Transit Authority, proving how much good can be accomplished through constructive and creative collaboration.”

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