Luis Cortez (left), Chris Felkins and Jerry Szabo fill a pothole and compact the asphalt at 15th Street East and Avenue J-8 in Lancaster. The city spent $373,920 to repair 21,369 potholes last year.

LANCASTER — Potholes plague drivers, whether it is on the commute to work or a quick trip to the store for a gallon of milk. Hitting a pothole can blow out your car’s tire, bend the rim, damage the suspension or wreck the alignment.

According to AAA, one in 10 drivers in 2021 sustained vehicle damage significant enough to warrant a repair after hitting a pothole. With an average price tag of almost $600 per repair, damage caused by potholes cost drivers $26.5 billion in 2021 alone, the member and service association said.

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Jimzan 3

West Ave I has "gaps" every 20 feet (appx) which is strange (test application maybe?)...The gaps are growing wider apart every year. Next year they will be called a mini canyon(s) T-Max is the Goods..I had a friend in the asphalt business...T-Max asphalt has a lot of rubber (recycled?) in its composition (recipe)...giving you a smooth quiet ride...not sure about longevity or cost...I think west Ave I is T-Max, and the gaps maybe installations issues, or bonding issues...Demand T-max (as long as there is not any issues with it) and Enjoy the Ride. ;)

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