PALMDALE — The City Council on Tuesday unan­im­ously approved an or­din­ance that amends the city’s municipal code to comply with state law re­la­ting to septic tanks.

The change was in re­sponse to new septic tank pol­icies by the State Water Re­sour­ces Control Board. It adopts the Los Angeles Coun­ty septic tank or­din­ance.

“It should allow us to ex­pand the use of septic in some of the areas of the city that aren’t served by sewer,” City Manager James Purtee said prior to the meeting.

In conjunction with the new ordinance, the city also approved a memorandum of understanding between the city and the Los Angeles Coun­ty Department of Pub­lic Health that allows the city to turn over its sep­tic system inspections to the county. This is a pro­cess used by other en­ti­ties, including the city of Lancaster, within the coun­ty, Public Works Director Chuck Heffernan said.

With this Local Agency Man­agement Plan, the coun­ty handles the de­sign, operation and main­ten­ance requirements of sep­tic systems for both the unincorporated areas of the county and cities with an agreement with the Department of Public Health.

The city is still in control of permitting septic tanks, but the permit applicant goes directly to the coun­ty for approval before re­turn­ing to the city for the ac­tual permit, he said.

This is the process that has been in place pre­vi­ous­ly under an agreement that has expired with the new state law and cor­res­pon­ding changes to the county ordinance, so a new memorandum of un­der­standing was re­quired, according to the staff report. That mem­o­ran­dum was approved as part of the City Council’s con­sent agenda, in which non-controversial items are voted on in a block.

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