LANCASTER — Lancaster School District’s Board of Education unanimously approved the iLEAD Lancaster Charter School petition for renewal on Dec. 15 for a period of two years with several stipulations,

The charter school will be required to improve their charter school status to a minimum of the Middle Performance classification as identified by the California Department of Education, and confirmed by the Lancaster School District in order to secure a reauthorization in the years following the renewal, according to the District.

ILEAD will be required to submit an improvement plan to the district’s Department of Special Programs that has been approved by iLEAD Lancaster Charter School Board of Directors, by Feb. 15.

The renewal period is good from July 1 to June 30, 2021. The charter school must provide a renewal petition after December 2022 to ensure that the district has the relevant information to reevaluate the standing of the charter school.

The district first authorized iLEAD in September 2012. The charter school petition was renewed in May 2016 for five years, from July 1, 2016 through June 30 of next year.

A district analysis of iLEAD Lancaster’s dashboard data classified iLEAD Lancaster into the state’s low performing category. However, the district also determined iLEAD offered a sound educational program for students enrolled in the school. In addition, the district found that the petitioners are likely to successfully implement the proposed educational program.

California Dashboard data indicated that all student groups either maintained or increased in their California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress English language arts scores. iLEAD also increased in all their student groups in mathematics, with two student groups decreasing and five either maintaining or increasing.

ILEAD ‘s Northwest  Evaluation Association Map assessments showed consistent gains as students progressed through the charter school system in reading, according to the district.

The district also found that iLEAD demonstrated the capacity to function as a local education agency for special education. A review of the charter school’s finances indicated that iLEAD Lancaster had enough in reserve to remain solvent for at least three years.

“We will continue to work towards increasing performance for all learners,” iLEAD Lancaster said in a statement.

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