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Democrats dominate California politics. The party controls all statewide elected offices, has super majorities in both houses of the state Legislature and controls 80% of the state’s congressional seats. A Republican presidential candidate has not won California since George H.W. Bush, in 1988.

But that doesn’t mean Republicans can’t have an impact in the nation’s most populous state. California has multiple competitive congressional races that, should Republicans win, could give the GOP a majority in the US House of Representatives. That would catapult US Rep. Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield, whose district includes much of the northern Antelope Valley, into the speaker’s office, replacing fellow Californian Nancy Pelosi for the next two years.

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NOTE: California and New York "both" lost a Congressman due to people "FLEEING" Cali and N.Y. Democrats create Cesspools..that's why everyone has moved to Texas or Florida. Gavin is a Dirtbag (IMHO) and only cares about you when an election is near. Keep voting for the Dems and enjoy even "more" fecal matter on the sidewalks...more group robberies, and soaring taxes, and policies that are parasitical to businesses.....Enjoy ;)

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