SAN FRANCISCO — A California mother is accused of hosting alcohol-filled parties for her teenage son and his friends at her Silicon Valley home and other places and encouraging them to drink heavily and engage in sex acts with intoxicated girls, some of them non-consensual, prosecutors said.

Shannon Marie O’Connor, 47, was arrested Saturday in Ada County, Idaho, where she now lives. She is awaiting extradition to Santa Clara County, where she faces 39 criminal charges, including misdemeanor counts of sexual battery and child molestation and providing alcohol to minors, prosecutors said in a statement, Tuesday. Phone numbers associated with the family were not working.

At one party at her Los Gatos home in December, O’Connor allegedly handed a condom to a boy and pushed him into a room with an intoxicated girl. Both were minors. The girl was able to get away and locked herself in the bathroom, Santa Clara County District Attorney investigator Christina Hanks detailed in court filings.

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Jimzan 2.0

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