PHOENIX (AP) — Twenty California condors in northern Arizona and southern Utah have died since March, and half of the endangered birds tested positive for a strain of avian flu, according to authorities.

Four condors are still receiving supportive care and have shown improvement. But wildlife officials told The Arizona Republic that they are worried the recent outbreak could potentially spread to other condor populations.

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Jimzan 3

Gonna call B.S. on this one...after all it is an Associated Press article and everyone knows the AP is a lying pack of Scumbags (IMHO) I bet Windmills Hacked the Condors up, along with all the other massive bird killings that these "Feathered Friends"... Meat Grinders"... Kill in a ""day"".... aka The MSM Scum will not tell you about would have to google it....most Lemmings wont. ;)

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