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ADDING NUMBERS — The California City Police Department will hire as many as three temporary technical specialists to provide expertise and assist with a number of open major crime investigations.

CALIFORNIA CITY — To assist with a num­ber of major crimes under investigation, the Cal­if­ornia City Police De­part­ment will hire temporary technical specialists with specific expertise to work with the detective bureau.

The department is look­ing to hire two to three spec­ial­ists in areas such as major crimes, white col­lar crimes and in­ter­net crimes. Because they will be working on open investigations, no more specific details are av­ail­able about the spec­ial­ties.

The City Council ap­proved the hiring on a 4-0 vote on March 12, with Coun­cilman Donald Parris absent.

These temporary hires will have experience as sworn law enforcement of­fic­­ers in California, but will not be working in that cap­ac­ity with the de­part­ment, Po­lice Chief Eric Hur­tado said.

The positions will pay $75 per hour and will be hired to fit within existing bud­get constraints. This is not to exceed $80,000 through the remainder of this fiscal year through June 30 and into the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

The funds are available through Prop. 172 sup­ple­men­tal public safety funds, Hurtado said.

Hiring temporary spec­ial­ists is the best possible al­­ter­native to make prog­ress on these open cases, as the department hasn’t had sufficient manpower to pro­vide the investigations, City Manager Robert Stock­well said.

The temporary help will provide the extra focus on these open cases in hopes of resolving them, “so some people can get some an­swers that they have been waiting for for a long time,” he said.

The department has been short a number of of­fic­ers and, like many law en­force­ment agencies, is hav­ing difficulties filling available full-time po­si­tions.

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