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PALMDALE — The family of a 13-year-old boy who was poked by a needle or syringe in a seemingly random attack on Saturday night is relieved he wasn’t seriously hurt.

The attack occurred shortly after Alek Gonzalez and and his family returned to their home in the 38500 block of Lemsford Avenue around midnight after an outing to see his older brother’s band perform.

The boy returned to the garage to see if he had dropped some coins, according to Wendy Gonzalez, his mother, when “he saw someone walking past, and as he turned back to walk into the house, the guy grabbed him by the shoulder” and poked him with a needle or syringe.

Alek ran into the house, “crying and holding his stomach” with some visible bleeding, Gonzalez said. “My husband went out right away to see if he could find the guy, but he ran away.”

She called 911 and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies and paramedics arrived within minutes. The boy was transported to a hospital, where doctors performed an ultrasound and cleaned up the wound.

Although the prick wasn’t deep, doctors have ordered blood work to be done and will monitor Alek over several months.

“My concern is, ‘Was the needle dirty?’ ” Gonzalez said. Her daughter, Kayleen, who was interviewed by a local TV station shortly after the attack, was also shook up.

There are no known suspects and the attack is believed to have been random. “It just seems that if it wasn’t my son, it was (going to be) whoever they saw,” Gonzalez said.

The case will be “assigned to the detective bureau here and activately investigated,” said Lt. Joshua Barton of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department Palmdale station.

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