PALMDALE —Palmdale School District trustees on Tuesday unanimously approved a $30 increase to most substitute teacher daily rates in order to remain competitive for the limited number of substitute teachers, expand its substitute teacher pool and fulfill its substitute teacher needs.

The District has approximately 100 fewer substitute teachers available in its substitute teacher pool as compared to last year.

“This limits the availability of substitute teachers that we can utilize on a daily basis,” Human Resources Director Timothy Barker wrote in an email.

Those substitute teachers who are available for employment and have declined accepting jobs cited concerns about COVID-19 and the temporary boost in unemployment money as factors in their decision.

“Through the first two weeks of the school year, we have been consistently unable to meet all requests for substitute teachers,” Barker wrote.

This is the first increase to substitute teacher pay rates in about three years. The higher compensation rates begin Sept. 1. The District offers different rates depending on the substitute teacher’s education, placement and/or status.

Substitute teachers with 90 units and an emergency permit who have passed the CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test) can earn $150 a day, up from the previous $120 a day.

Teachers with a bachelor’s degree who have passed the CBEST and who carry a 30-day emergency substitute teaching permit will be able to earn $160 per day when the new rates go into effect. A fully credentialed teacher with a bachelor’s degree can earn $170 per day.

The District also increased long-term substitute pay for teachers who work more than 21 days to $180 a day. Retired Palmdale School District teachers can each earn an extra $10 per day up to $210 a day.

The daily rates for Early Childhood Education substitute teacher will also increase effective Sept. 1. The new rate for a substitute teacher with a child development associate permit is $125 per day. A substitute with a bachelor’s degree who also has a child development teacher permit can earn $135 per day. A long-term early childhood education substitute teacher can earn $145 per day after 21 days, and a retired Palmdale School District early childhood education teacher can earn $195 per day.

Keppel Union School District trustees recently agreed to keep higher pay rates for substitute teachers implemented last year after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to help them remain competitive with neighboring districts.

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No pay increases until the test scores don't get a raise for being a failure, and letting our children down.

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