SACRAMENTO — San Francisco resident Pia Harris hopes for reparations in her lifetime. But the nonprofit program director is not confident that California lawmakers will turn the recommendations of a first-in-the-nation task force into concrete legislation given pushback from opponents who say slavery was a thing of the past.

It frustrates Harris, 45, that reparations opponents won’t acknowledge that life for Black people did not improve with the abolition of chattel slavery in 1865. Black families have been unable to accumulate wealth through property ownership and higher education. Black boys and teenagers are still told to watch out for law enforcement, and Black businesses struggle to get loans, she said.

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Jimzan 3

Democrats have to buy they give away the taxpayers money and create... Parasites. What the POS Democrat Politician is really saying is: "You are too stupid to be anything in society...but if you vote for me I will give you Free Money" just pull the blue lever (vote Democrat). Those that agree with respirations and beg the loudest...are usually Dope Fiends..or just Lazy. Now if a State, City, or Town, took Money or Land from a black individual (unlawfully) then by "all" means... make it right (but not a Powerball lottery win). There will be exceptions to the rule...there always is..but not no billion dollar payout to any "race". Dems have to keep us divided they are clueless idiots (most not all) and are not that good at doing anything else. Here comes Misery....Biden is at the Helm....I will enjoy seeing what the people Reap.... from what they have Sown. ;)

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