California Mental Health

California state Sen. Susan Eggman, a Democrat from Stockton, speaks to reporters Wednesday in Sacramento. Eggman authored a bill that would allow more people with mental illness to be detained for treatment against their will.

SACRAMENTO — More people in California could be detained against their will because of a mental illness under a new bill backed Wednesday by the mayors of some of the nation’s largest cities, who say they are struggling to care for the bulk of the country’s homeless population.

Federal data shows nearly one-third of the country’s homeless population lives in California, crowding the densely populated coastal cities of the nation’s most populous state. California lawmakers have given local governments billions of dollars in recent years to address this, but often with mixed results that recently prompted a public scolding from Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

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Jimzan 3

Of course the Scumbags at the Associated Press (IMHO) feel that the mentally ill (who do not want any help) should be given priority over taxpayers, that are "no doubt" being skimmed by our state officials. Cute how POS Newsom tries to disconnect himself from the homeless crisis...Newsom is a Failure...and the Exodus of people leaving the state of California proves that (it's called voting with your feet). That's probably why Tesla went and built their GigaFactory over in Texas....Cali is a Parasites Haven. And Newsom has no problem buying votes...just like Joe Biden (the Pedophlie). Why would the weasels "ever" want to fix the homeless problem...that would mean lost jobs for the grifters.

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