Circus Vargas

Workers raise the Circus Vargas big top on Wednesday afternoon in the Antelope Valley Mall parking lot. The circus returns to the Valley today to start a 15-day run, its longest ever in the Valley.

PALMDALE — The Big Top is back in town.

Circus Vargas raised its giant blue, white and gold tent Wednesday afternoon in the Antelope Valley Mall parking lot in preparation for a 15-day run featuring its new production, “Mr. V’s Big Top Dream.”

The adventures starts this Saturday and continues through Nov. 1 at the Big Top, at 1233 West Rancho Vista Blvd. (Ave. P), at 10th Street West.

“Mr. V’s  Big Top Dream” is a semi-biographical circus spectacular honoring legendary circus impresario and Circus Vargas founder Clifford E. Vargas, who discovered the circus as a young boy,

“We love presenting the story,” owner Katya Quiroga said in a telephone interview. “It has a special meaning for us, and we feel that people get that.”

Quiroga added the story can be anybody’s story.

Katya and her husband, Nelson Quiroga, purchased Circus Vargas about 16 years ago. They were closed for 16 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Now we’re open again,” Katya said. “We reopened three months ago and it’s been really great.”

They spent the time away from the road repairing things and training so they would be ready to resume touring. When it was time to reopen, they dusted everything off and set off for their regular tour.

“I know that for a lot of people it must have been even more difficult than us,” Katya said. “We’re happy to now give some joy back to many people that it looked bleak for a long time.”

Katya and her husband were trapeze artists for about 25 years. Their children are now performing while they run the show. Their oldest daughter Mariella Quiroga does the flying trapeze, and daughter Daniella Quiroga is a contortionist.

The 15-day run in Palmdale is the longest Circus Vargas has ever stayed here.

“We’re very excited,” Katya said. “We’re very happy; we love it here. People have been calling us asking, ‘When are you coming to the Antelope Valley?’ so we’re very happy to fulfill people’s wishes.”

Circus Vargas opens with shows at 1, 4 and 7:30 p.m. this Saturday. Visit for a full schedule.

Tickets cost $45 to $55 for ringside seating; $60 to $70 for VIP seats; $38 to $48 for front arena seating; $28 to $38 for arena seatings; and $18 to $28 for back arena seating. Military and senior discounts available.

Tickets can be purchased online at, by calling (877) 468-3861 or by visiting the box office outside the Big Top. Box office opens at noon.

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