WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden announced, Thursday, that he and Democrats in Congress have reached a “historic” framework for his sweeping domestic policy package. But he still needs to lock down votes from key colleagues for what’s now a dramatically scaled-back bill.

Eager to have a deal in hand before his departure late in the day for global summits, Biden made his case privately on Capitol Hill to House Democrats and publicly in a speech at the White House. He’s now pressing for a still-robust package — $1.75 trillion of social services and climate change programs — that the White House believes can pass the 50-50 Senate.

The day’s fast-moving developments put Democrats closer to a hard-fought deal, but battles remain as they press to finish the final draft in the days and weeks ahead.

“Let’s get this done,” Biden exhorted.

“It will fundamentally change the lives of millions of people for the better,” he said about the package, which he badly wanted before the summits to show the world American democracy still works.

Together with a nearly $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, Biden claimed the infusion of federal investments would be a domestic achievement modeled on those of Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson.

“I need your votes,” Biden told the lawmakers at the Capitol, according to a person who requested anonymity to discuss the private remarks.

But final votes will not be called for some time. The revised package has lost some top priorities,  frustrating many lawmakers as the president’s ambitions make way for the political realities of the narrowly divided Congress.

Paid family leave and efforts to lower prescription drug pricing are now gone entirely from the package, drawing outrage from some lawmakers and advocates.

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Jimzan 2.0

Sounds like Stanley has connected the dots...(well done) ...“historic” framework".. Yes Biden's "historic framework" will go down in history...right next to the Hindenburg, the Titanic, and Pearl Harbor. Biden is a clueless idiot that has no problem destroying America (and its people.... ie... Afghanistan) all for his political appearance. But after watching the pathetic loser "struggle" just to climb a set of stairs...How can anyone see Biden for anything more, than what he really is...a ""Weak Pathetic Coward"".

Stanley S.

AP stands for

“A Poop”

Jimzan 2.0

Dems are like a twelve year old with a credit card....clueless idiots. It is "NOT" free money, and when Biden (the Habitual Liar) tells you it "pays for itself" the POS is lying through his teeth.You enjoying the higher gas prices...higher food prices, higher heating cost? lol lol wait till it gets really cold... enjoy "Tent Living"...it's coming your way....Now Mask Up and Kneel.

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