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The California Highway Patrol is cracking down on speeding drivers, after fatal traffic accidents doubled in the past year.

MOJAVE — Drivers in eastern Kern County should consider themselves warned: the California Highway Patrol is cracking down on speeding on the area roads it patrols.

The Mojave area office will begin special enforcement on Highway 14 and other major roads to enforce speed limits, Lt. John Williams, commander of the CHP Mojave area office, told members of the Mojave Chamber of Commerce, on Thursday.

Officers will ticket drivers for speeds of four mph or more over the limit.

“If you’re going four mph over, you’re getting a ticket. Period. No verbals (warnings),” he said. “I want the reputation of, you speed through Mojave, you’re going to get a ticket. I need to get that reputation in there.”

Two areas where he plans to focus patrols are Sierra Highway and Tehachapi Willow Springs Road.

“It’s going to sting, and I’m going to get some negative feedback, but that’s what I’ve got to do,” Williams said.

In addition to speeding, officers have seen an issue with people not wearing seat belts, he said.

“We’ve had way too many people dying,” Williams said, noting that fatal traffic accidents have doubled over the previous year.

“It has to do with people speeding and not wearing their seat belts, so that’s what we’re going to focus on,” he said.

The Mojave office is now fully staffed to be able to handle the vast area it patrols.

“It’s been really busy,” Williams said.

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Jimzan 2.0

Lt. John Williams might want to simmer down....I believe there is a 5 MPH leeway for speedometer inaccuracy. I was shown great compassion by a CHP officer (Ghost), ( He was "out of tickets" he said) and my wife's previous co-worker (Hank) is now a CHP officer. The CHP are wonderful people, and I can not imagine the grief they must feel when they are the first to arrive at a accident with children involved (snif)....They deserve our support.

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