SAN FRANCISCO — An anthropology professor at the University of California, Berkeley, whose identity as Native American had been questioned for years apologized this week for falsely identifying as Indigenous, saying she is “a white person” who lived an identity based on family lore.

Elizabeth Hoover, associate professor of environmental science, policy and management, said in an apology posted Monday on her website that she claimed an identity as a woman of Mohawk and Mi’kmaq descent but never confirmed that identity with those communities or researched her ancestry until recently.

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Jimzan 3

But ! I still have more Indian blood.....than Sen. Elizabeth Warren. ;)

Jimzan 3

For years my Father told us as we were growing up...that we had Iroquois Indian in our bloodline..I even had my friends call me "Jimmy Plump Wallet". But after my brother had a DNA test done...seems we have no Indian in our bloodline..but we are distant, distant cousins to the Queen of England...Any friends that I still have...will be asked to address me as "Sir Jimzan".

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