LOS ANGELES — A man who alleges he was beaten and suffered a traumatic brain injury outside Dodger Stadium after attending a playoff game between the Mets and the home team in 2015 reached a settlement with the team and two other fans in attendance.

Ariel D. Auffant, a Bakersfield geologist, and his wife, Abigale, brought the complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court in September 2017 against Los Angeles Dodgers LLC, Michael Rae Papayans and his mother, Jennifer Lynn Papayans.

Court papers filed with Judge Yolanda Orozco by the plaintiffs’ attorneys did not state the term of the settlement. Cross-complaints between the Dodgers and the Papayans remain to be tried.

The suit alleged negligence, premises liability, negligent hiring, retention and supervision, assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and loss of consortium. The plaintiffs sought unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

Auffant, then 50, attended the playoff game on Oct. 9, 2015, the first contest of the National League Division Series, according to his court papers. Auffant was a Dodger fan, but his cousin, who was among those who accompanied the plaintiff to the game, wore a Mets cap and was a supporter of the New York team, the suit says.

The Mets won the game 3-1. Auffant and his companions walked outside the stadium to go home about 10 p.m. and were confronted by the Papayans, who shouted vulgar language at them, according to the complaint.

The area was not well-lit and no security was present, the suit alleged.

After the Auffant group reached the handicapped parking area, he was “brutally attacked” by the Papayans, causing him to lose consciousness and fall to the pavement, the suit alleged.

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