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Los Angeles County Fifth District Supervisor Kathryn Barger will ask for a registration program in the Antelope Valley, including an educational campaign, to track recreational vehicles participating in the county’s Interim and Supportive Housing program, out of concern about illegal wastewater disposal from residential recreational vehicle use.

Her motion before the Board of Supervisors, today, also asks the county departments of Public Health, Regional Planning and Public Works to identify other general areas in the county, in addition to the Antelope Valley, where the proposed registration system could be implemented and report back in 30 days.

The Board of Supervisors approved the Interim and Supportive Housing ordinance last November to encourage development of housing for people experiencing homelessness and to support temporary vehicle living.

The Interim Housing and Supportive Housing ordinance specifies what is required of the Department of Regional Planning for temporary occupancy of a recreational vehicle, but does not specify what permits or approvals are required from other departments for the temporary occupancy of a recreational vehicle on a rural property, the motion said. 

In addition, there may be occupied recreational vehicles located on public or private property, including vacant land, beyond the allowed uses identified in the ordinance.

Recreational vehicles are designed to hold wastewater in a storage tank and are required to discharge wastewater at approved dump stations. 

The connection of a domestic water line and sewage line may allow recreational vehicle wastewater to be disposed of into a dwelling’s sewer line for disposal into a public sewer or approved septic system. However, some properties where a recreational vehicle may temporarily park may not be able to support the additional wastewater flows from a recreational vehicle or may not have appropriate sewer or septic tank hook-up, according to the motion.

“The inappropriate disposal of RV wastewater may create significant quality of life impacts and pose public health concerns,” the motion said.

Barger’s proposed motion also seeks an update on the status of Board directives in a motion approved at the Dec. 8 meeting. Those include directing the Public Health Department to work in collaboration with the various involved county departments to investigate and recommend additional regulatory permitting required for recreational vehicles to be used as temporary housing under the Interim and Supportive Housing ordinance as well as multi-agency enforcement strategies.

The Dec. 8 motion also directed the Department of Public Health and other county departments to collaborate on an educational outreach campaign, investigate innovative solutions to address illegal wastewater dumping, including the potential deployment of vouchers for waste disposal and mobile wastewater pumping services and enforcement strategies.

The Board of Supervisors will conduct a virtual meeting at 9:30 a.m., today.

To listen by telephone, call 877-873-8017 and enter the access code when prompted. The access code for English is: 111111, the code for Spanish is: 222222.

To address the Board on all regular agenda items, call 877-226-8215, using participant code 1336503, starting at 9 a.m.

Written public comments may be submitted through the website https://publiccomment.bos.lacounty.gov, which will become part of the official record.

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