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LANCASTER — A split Lancaster Planning Commission approved, at Monday night’s meeting, a Conditional Use Permit to allow for the construction and operation of a gas station, smog test facility and mini-mart at the northwest corner of Avenue I and 20th Street West. 

It will have a Type 20 Alcoholic Beverage Control license for the sale of beer and wine for off-site consumption.

The action included a waiver from the distance requirements for the Type 20 license. There are six other businesses with Type 20 licenses within one mile of the proposed project site, including Arco-AM/PM and Chevron gas stations across Avenue I.

There are also three businesses with Type 21 Alcoholic Beverage Control licenses in the area, which allow for the sale of beer, wine and distilled spirits for off-site consumption.

The Commission voted 4-3 with Chairman James Vose and commissioners Cassandra Harvey and Dan Tufts dissenting.

The existing smog station and repair shop on the project site, which applicant George Alseryani owns, would be demolished to make room for the new project. The proposed project would include a 2,500 square-foot mini-mart building. Within the mini-mart, there would be a small restaurant area to provide prepared foods such as sandwiches. There would be no sit-down seating. In addition, no cooking would occur on site. 

The gas station would have 12 fueling stations. The 650 square-foot smog test facility would consist of two bays. No other automotive repair activities would occur.

The Planning Commission first heard the project in June 2020. The public hearing was continued to give Alseryani time to address the commission’s concerns.

Modifications made to the proposed project include reducing the size of the smog facility to 650 square feet, or two bays and only performing smog test activities. In addition, the gas island canopy will match the architecture of the mini-mart building. The changes also included increasing the number parking spaces from five to 10 spaces.

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