Kimberly Covell

Kimberly Covell

LANCASTER — Antelope Valley College programmer analyst Kimberly Covell is a data junkie whose commitment to students earned the longtime employee a nomination as AV Community College District’s California Community College Classified Employee of the Year.

The award honors community college classified employees who demonstrate the highest level of commitment to the Vision for Success, the mission for the California community college system, and the district. Recipients are nominated by their colleagues. AV College trustees endorsed Covell’s nomination at their May 11 meeting.

Covell did not find out about the nomination until the following day when the emails arrived in her inbox.

“I was rather surprised and quite humbled,” Covell said in a telephone interview.

Covell’s nomination letter highlighted her “legendary” knowledge of data.

“Kim is the data junkie at AVC that drives the vast majority of our operational analysis,” the letter said. “She thrives on data puzzles, and strives to ensure the product of those dives is the best it can be to support the decisions they’re built for. In every case, done so with a high-energy dedication to the college and the work. Her energy is infectious.”

Covell started working at AV College about 23 years ago. An AV College graduate, Covell began as a student worker. She worked in a variety of departments, including the Transcripts Office, Admissions & Records and now Information Technology. Her relationship with data began when she was involved with the implementation of AV College’s student information system, known as Banner.

“I’ve always had a love of solving a good puzzle. Data kind of fits in with that,” Covell said.

She contributed to a number of statewide working groups and has presented at a few conventions or conferences over the years to share new ideas and collaborate with people from other colleges.

Last October, she assisted a former AV College student who no longer lives in the Valley. The student last attended classes at AV College about 10 years ago. He had difficulty accessing his transcripts.

“He was such a nice person,” she said. “He had a problem. He was having some issues with his account.”

When Covell could not solve the issue, she escalated it to the appropriate people and stayed on the phone with him until it was resolved. During the course of the conversation the caller remembered Covell from when she helped him several year prior.

 “I was happy to help him,” Covell said. “We got him what he needed and he could go on and do the important things that he needed to do. … I was glad that we could get him all straightened and get him on his way. Make sure that he knew we cared about him as a person and taking care of his needs.”

The Board of Governors, Consultation Council and the Chancellor’s Office will select the award winners. Up to six recipients will be announced and honored at the Board of Governors meeting this July in Sacramento, where they will receive a $500 cash award and a plaque.

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