LANCASTER — Antelope Valley Community College District trustees unanimously approved the purchase of 210 new Dell laptop computers at a cost of approximately $248,200 to be used at the new Sage Hall Learning Center.

The Dell Latitude 5520 laptops will be for students’ use and provide the  necessary computer resources to help students succeed, according to the agenda item for the Dec. 10 Board of Trustees meeting. The purchase includes required security asset tracking software.

AV College officials unveiled Sage Hall at a special Oct. 29 ceremony. The two-story building cost an estimated $28.6 million to build. It was paid for with proceeds from Measure AV, the $350 million bond measure passed by local voters in November 2016. The building includes classrooms and a computer lab as well as study rooms, faculty offices and a dean’s suite.

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Jimzan 2.0

I build my own computers (since the IBM clone XT days)... Dell is a greedy company...I had a Dell 5122 Laser printer, I upgraded my firmware and the new firmware "Bricked" (ruined) my laser printer. I called Dell tech support and they played stupid..then I said why don't we roll back my firmware.."that would work" was their reply. SMH... they wanted to sell me a higher tier tech support package...On another note, my son when he was young had to have an Alienware (Dell owns Alienware). The Alienware had issues, and the weasels at Alienware were the biggest pack of dirtbags that I have ever dealt with...In the end I told the weasel at Alienware (Moe?) I will "DISPUTE" my Credit Card Charges if they kept playing stupid...That got my Alienware Computer fixed "Pronto". Schools (teachers) have become self serving, and greedy , and "Dell Computers" is self serving, and greedy (IMHO). Remember the "priceless info here"...your magical word when dealing with bottom feeders is... "I will DISPUTE the charges with my credit card company". The word DISPUTE is feared among many Dirtbag Companies...use it and watch the dirtbags attitude do a 180.[wink]

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