LANCASTER — Antelope Valley Community College District’s Board of Education unanimously approved a 2022-25 Student Equity Plan that will focus on integrating student services and academic efforts more thoroughly to address equity gaps and improve student achievement, according to the report.

In addition, the district started addressing barriers in its policies, procedures, and practices as well as the approaches to students’ success.

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Jimzan 3

If I wanted to keep a group of people weak and dependant...I would give them free money, I would give them an advantage when taking tests, and I would tell them "they are Victims" That would insure they would never be anything more than a Parasite. They would never be a threat on a level playing field (career wise), and they would never be more than what the Govt. allowed them to be. Then I would pay "Race Baiters" (like Al Sharpton) (IMHO) and BLM to steal from them, and keep them down...and I would use words like Equity Plan, Reparations, and Gender Confusion, and work to have achievements Ignored, and try to instill that Skin Color is more "Important" than Qualifications...( Think VP Kamattress) Google: { currents events }

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