LANCASTER — Antelope Valley Community College District trustees approved a resolution of necessity to forgo the competitive selection process for construction management of Measure AV projects after several essential employees familiar with the four assigned projects left one construction management company and moved to another.

The Board voted 4-0 at a special Tuesday morning meeting, with trustee Lew Stults absent.

AV College trustees previously awarded a master agreement for project and construction management services to Lundgren Management Corp. in July 2016. According to the Board resolution, on or about Sept. 18 essential Lundgren personnel with intimate knowledge of the day-to-day operation of several ongoing projects left Lundgren and joined a new construction management company known as Fonder-Salari Inc., or FSI.

“Whereas, without the Essential Personnel, the several on-going Assigned Projects will be negatively impacted, including, but not limited to, expected delays in project completion, loss of efficiency and loss of critical project knowledge,” the resolution said.

The “assigned projects” are the gymnasium renovation, Sage Hall, Cedar Hall and general conditions.

“The District’s best interest will be served by continuity of project management of the Impacted Assigned Projects by the Essential Personnel at FSI under the same terms and conditions set forth in the Lundgren Agreement and at the same costs,” according to a staff report.

The dollar amount is approximately $4.48 million. The agreement with FSI would allow the District to “maintain continuity, maximize efficiency, retain critical information at no additional cost to the District,” the report said.

State law allows the District to change construction management services in circumstances where it would be futile, unavailing, undesirable, impractical, impossible, or would cause additional delay or costs to the District, the report said.

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