LOS ANGELES — A judge Monday warned a billionaire hologram producer facing trial for allegedly sexually harassing a former employee in the workplace that he will not allow outbursts in the courtroom similar to one the businessman made during a previous trial earlier this year.

“I’m not going to have any tolerance for talking out of turn or creating any disturbances,” Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Christopher Lui told Alki David before the judge heard pretrial motions in the case of plaintiff Elizabeth Taylor.

On April 16, during the trial of Taylor’s fellow plaintiff, Chasity Jones, David lashed out at attorney Lisa Bloom, who represents both women. As she cross-examined him, he verbally attacked the lawyer and her mother, prominent feminist attorney Gloria Allred, before a bailiff escorted him out of the courtroom.

“I think you are an abhorrent woman,” Alki David told Bloom. “Do something with your life, woman.”

The 51-year-old David is representing himself in the Taylor case. Two attorneys, Ellyn Garofalo and Amir Kaltgrad, are defending his companies.

Despite the judge’s admonition, David again attacked Bloom and also Taylor, accusing both of being dishonest.

“I never laid a finger on that lady, not one,” David said of Taylor, who was sitting in the audience. “That lady is a liar.”

David also told the judge that during today’s arguments, Bloom was telling “lies, one heaped upon another.”

For her part, Bloom accused David of taunting and photographing Taylor in the courtroom hallway and posting the image on Instagram before the hearing.

She said a sheriff’s deputy ordered David to delete the photo and she asked the judge to order him to take it off the digital platform.

David countered that he obeyed the deputy by deleting the image from his phone, but said the deputy did not tell him to take it off social media.

“I don’t see why I should,” David said.

The judge did not immediately rule on Bloom’s request to order David to remove the photo from Instagram.

Taylor was a witness in Jones’ case. She testified her former boss once picked her up by the ankles and walked her upside down around the office, exposing her underwear.

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