Police Impersonator Arrest

This booking photo released by Los Angeles County Sheriff Department shows Daniel Sohn, who was arrested Friday, Feb 8, 2019, by West Hollywood Sheriff's station deputies in Los Angeles. Sohn, who was recorded antagonizing demonstrators during a Black Lives Matter protest, was arrested on suspicion of impersonating a police officer.

WEST HOLLYWOOD (CNS) — A 36-year-old man sleeping in a vehicle in the parking lot of a business has been arrested for al­leg­edly impersonating a police officer.

Patrolling deputies ap­proached the vehicle just after midnight Friday to investigate because over­night parking is prohibited on that business property, the sheriff’s department reported.

“As they made contact with the man to check his welfare, deputies noticed the male was wearing a long-sleeve shirt with an LAPD logo on the front and patches on the sleeves,” a sheriff’s statement said.

The deputies determined that he was not an officer of any law enforcement agency and arrested him, according to the sheriff’s department.

“During the deputies’ in­ves­tigation, they rec­og­nized the person from a recent video posted on so­cial media (that) shows the same male they were speak­ing to claiming to be a police officer to a group of people,” the sheriff’s statement said.

Video of the suspect, iden­­tified as Daniel Sohn, showed him wearing a T-shirt with the LAPD logo and shouting “white power” at a Black Lives Mat­ter rally outside a gym on Sun­set Boulevard in Hol­ly­wood on Jan. 31 while he made what pro­test­ers claimed were white power symbols with his hands. Activists were pro­testing the death of a man who was fatally shot by an LAPD officer inside the gym in October.

After the incident, the LAPD tweeted the shirt Sohn was wearing was not official department gear.

“The apparel worn by the individual, specifically the T-shirt with LAPD in­sig­nia, is not department issued and is accessible to the public,” police said. “We will be working with our En­tertainment Trademark Unit to ensure violations of our trademark on apparel are addressed.”

In 2014, Sohn was feat­ured in a 2014 TV news re­port in Denver for allegedly trying to ditch his dog at an animal shelter twice in the same day, CBS2 reported.

The LAPD says Sohn has never been an officer with the department.

Bail for Sohn was set at $2,500, according to sher­iff’s inmate records.

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