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ACTON — The Acton Town Council seeks to ensure that proposed revisions to the Acton Community Standards District reflect the community’s wishes and achieve the community’s goals and policies that were in the “Town and Country” Antelope Valley Area Plan, adopted in 2015.

The Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, continued from Dec. 9, to consider an amendment to the Acton Community Standards District.

The meeting is scheduled to start at 9 a.m. The meeting will be conducted via Zoom due to ongoing safety restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Members of the public can watch the meeting and provide comment  at Webinar ID: 858 6032 6429, or by phone: 669- 900-6833 or 346-248-7799.

The community would like all development on commercially–zoned properties in Acton to be connected to, and include, equestrian trails and pedestrian trails to encourage equestrian uses an uninterrupted use of trails, according to a concept draft posted on the community standards district website at

“Trail development and protection is the most critical issue; trail standards are secondary, though also important,” the document said.

The community also seeks to have additional standard for film production that should limit noise, traffic, and other impacts from filming as well as frequency.

“Lighting for filming should not impact neighbors,” the document said. “If impacts are no able to be mitigated, nighttime filming should be prohibited.”

The community opposes backlit signs where they do not comply with dark skies requirements. The community would also like to allow cargo containers on agricultural land with some standards.

“Though our efforts on the County’s CSD revision process have touched on many topics; our recent focus has been on expanding home-based business opportunities to the extent that they do not disrupt surrounding neighbors and securing equestrian trails on proposed developments,” the Town Council wrote in a Feb. 17 letter to Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning Senior Planning Richard Marshalian.

The Town Council seeks to allow more cargo containers in Acton if they meet certain screening and aesthetic requirements.

“It is important to note that many of the items which we have supported and requested (particularly regarding trail development and filming opportunities) have been rejected by the County and omitted from the current draft of the CSD which is cause for concern,” the letter said.

The Town Council included feedback from community members who raised concerns over previous public comments collected by the Department and posted by the Town Council.

Those include Kenneth Chang from Coast International LLL, who would like to construct a strip mall on a three-acre parcel at the intersection of Crown Valley Road and Governor Mine Road/Bandell.

The proposed development could have a grocery store, a coffee shop, doctor/professional offices, and a post office/mailbox on the ground floor and residential space on the second floor. According to the Town Council, the proposed development would require General Plan and AV Area Plan amendments as well as a revision to the County’s adopted Land Use Map, and a zone change action.

“These substantial changes could only be initiated if a significant majority of Acton residents wish them; accordingly, we are asking residents to let us know what they think about this proposal by sending an email to,” the letter said.

The Town Council also heard from several individuals who support filming activities in the rural community. However, the Department of Regional Planning is not permitting any filming provisions in the Acton Community Standards District, according to the letter.

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