EDWARDS AFB — When “Captain Marvel” opens in theaters today, some of the scenes may look quite familiar to Val­ley filmgoers.

Portions of the movie were filmed at Edwards Air Force Base last April, with hangars, aircraft and base airmen playing their parts.

The setting plays a role as home to Air Force fighter pilot Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson, who becomes the titular superhero.

The film shot on lo­ca­tion using the large main hangar, flightline and runways as well as the base housing area, Ed­wards officials said.

Along with aircraft in­clu­ding the iconic B-2 stealth bomber, B-1B bomb­er, F-16s, F-22s, F-35 and a NASA Global Hawk, the filming used 51 Ed­wards airmen as extras.

Staff Sgt. John Tem­ple­ton was among those sel­ect­ed as an extra, playing a fighter pilot walking through the hangar. He was outfitted with a flight suit costume, complete with name tag for his char­ac­ter, Chad Hehr, named for one of the movie crew work­ing on the set.

“I had to learn my alias,” he said Thursday.

The filming was over­night for two nights, with those personnel selected as extras given leave and paid by the movie company.

The experience was fun for the F-35 crew chief, giving him the opportunity to meet people from other areas of the base.

“The catering was sec­ond to none. If you’re going to have to work graveyard shift, that’s the place to do it,” Templeton said, adding he would’ve done it for the food.

The extras did not know the story line for the movie, just what they had to do for their parts, he said.

He has yet to see the fin­ished movie, but will likely get out to see it before too long and find his part.

“I think I’ll be able to pinpoint it when I see it,” he said.

Altogether, some 490 cast and crew and 37 trucks were on base for three weeks, officials said.

Air Force historians were tapped to aid in pro­vi­ding an accurate Air Force depiction, including period-correct 1980s and 1990s hardware, uniform and other details.

Templeton said that al­though his flight suit did not differ from those worn for decades, it was fun to see the old camouflage print for those uniforms.

The movie’s stars re­turned to the base last month for interviews with media in the main hang­ar as part of the film’s pro­mo­tional activities.

This is far from the first time Edwards has been in the movie spotlight, nor even the first time it has played a role in a movie for the Marvel Cinematic Uni­verse. The base was also seen in “Iron Man” and “Iron Man 2.”

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