US Overturned Boat Rescue

A rescue boat is seen next to the capsized lift boat Seacor Power seven miles off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico, April 18.

NEW ORLEANS — The offshore oil industry boat that overturned in a deadly Gulf of Mexico disaster last week was ordered to sea in dangerous conditions by an energy company that put “money over safety,” a pair of $25 million lawsuits assert.

The lawsuits were filed in Texas state court in Houston by a lawyer for Hannah Daspit and Krista Vercher, both of Louisiana. Daspit’s husband, Dylan Daspit, and Vercher’s fiance, Jay Guevara, were among the 19 people working on the boat when it overturned in stormy weather April 13. Six people were rescued, and six bodies had been recovered and identified as of Friday afternoon. Dylan Daspit and Guevara were among seven missing and presumed dead.

Haspit filed suit Wednesday in Texas state court in Houston. Vercher, suing on behalf of herself and Guevara’s child, sued Friday. Both suits, filed by attorney Francis Spagnoletti, fault Talos Energy as well as lift boat operator Seacor Marine LLC and its affiliate Seacor Lifftboats LLC for the fatal accident.

They are the first of what is expected to be numerous lawsuits filed over the capsizing of the Seacor Power, a 234-foot-long lift boat. The vessel was en route from Port Fourchon, Louisiana, to a Talos platform when it overturned.

“Dylan Daspit lost his life in the tragic capsizing of the vessel, for the decision of these Defendants to put money over his life,” the Daspit lawsuit said.

The similarly worded lawsuit filed Friday says “Krista Vercher lost her better half,” and adds that Guevara’s child lost his father.

The lawsuits involve issues likely to be critical in a National Transportation Safety Board investigation, which is expected to take as long as two years, and in litigation. They include the role of the weather in the capsizing, whether the vessel should have put to sea despite forecasts of storms and who should be held responsible.

The suits list numerous allegations against the companies, including that they failed to adequately assess weather conditions and failed to have an emergency plan. The suits specifically accuse Talos of “ordering the vessel to sea in unsafe conditions as the charterer.”

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