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Shoppers look at televisions at a Walmart Supercenter in Houston. Super Bowl season is an excellent time to purchase a new TV, as long as you have room in your home and budget.

Buying a TV can be thrilling, yet daunting.

To maximize the ex­hil­aration — while min­im­izing the uncertainty — experts say to pay at­ten­tion to at least five things.

You may be considering a new TV ahead of the Super Bowl, but these tips work throughout the year, too.


Size alone shouldn’t be the deciding factor, but it will be a large part of your decision — literally and figuratively.

“I always tell people to buy the biggest screen that they can afford and that will fit in their room,” says Tim Alessi, the director of product marketing at LG Electronics. “Because I’ve never met anybody yet who has said, ‘Oh darn. I wish I bought a smaller TV.’”

The opposite is often true: Consumers bring a TV home and wish they had gone larger. Alessi notes screens 70 inches and above are a huge growth category in the TV in­dus­try right now.

Think about where you want to put your TV and what size will fit. Online, many retailers allow you to filter your search according to criteria like screen size and brand.


But you need room for that big TV in your budget. Thank­fully, the period lead­ing up to the Super Bowl is a time for all-star deals.

“A 70-inch TV, for ex­am­ple, we’ll have on the mar­ket leading up to the Super Bowl at under $1,000,” Alessi says.

Last year, TVs were on sale at Amazon, Best Buy, Costco and Target at the end of January, but

TV sales also happen throughout the year. For example, Black Friday in November is famed for big discounts on all screens.

But there will be other things to account for in your budget, like accessories and installation, so don’t commit to a dollar figure just yet.


and color

Once you’ve narrowed the selection, think about what you want it to do. If you’re upgrading for the first time in years, compare the latest innovations to see which ones match your view­ing habits.

“Typically in the U.S., con­sumers hold onto a television for about five to seven years,” says Rob Brennan, the product technology manager for home entertainment and sound at Sony Electronics.

“If you’re coming into the market now for a new TV before the Super Bowl, the last time you bought a television was sometime in 2013 or 2014. A lot has changed in that window.”

Ask yourself questions about things like the TV’s smart capability. Do you want a TV that can tell your Roomba to start clean­ing?


Next, make sure you have any extra equipment you’ll need.

Sound is an especially imp­ort­ant consideration. You could use the TV’s sound as is, but you may con­sid­er buying a sound bar or audio/video receiver sep­arately to enhance the sound, according to Mi­chael Greco, senior dir­ect­or of global brand man­agement at Sound United.

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