Tech giants banished Trump. Now things get complicated

SAN FRANCISCO — Major tech platforms, long accused of giving President Donald Trump special treatment denied regular users, have finally shown him the door. Now things get complicated. Trump is gone from Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and even Shopify, but in many ways, booting the president was the easy part. While these companies have taken a big step, it’s unlikely to end criticism of their moderation policies and the way they handle hate speech, misinformation and inciting violence. The next big questions may be whether they’ll apply the same standard to other world leaders, continue to expand their definitions of unacceptable behavior, and perhaps splinter their user base in the process.

GM charges up new unit to sell electric delivery vans, gear

DETROIT — General Motors is forming a new business unit to tap the market for delivery vehicles and equipment powered by electricity. The new venture is called BrightDrop, and its first product will be a battery-powered wheeled pallet that will take goods from the warehouse to trucks and from trucks to destinations. Then GM will roll out a delivery van. The company wasn’t clear on how the products would be sold, giving no specifics on whether they would be distributed through dealerships or if GM would sell directly to customers.

Boeing deliveries drop despite 737 Max’s return

CHICAGO — Boeing is reporting final 2020 numbers for airplane orders and deliveries, and they are down from 2019 even though the 737 Max is flying again. Boeing said Tuesday that it booked 90 orders for new airliners in December, most of them for Ireland’s Ryanair. Boeing also says it delivered 39 commercial planes in December, including 27 Max jets. American Airlines took 10 Maxes and United Airlines got eight. Those deliveries came after the Federal Aviation Administration approved changes in a flight-control system on the plane. Maxes were grounded worldwide for 21 months after crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia killed 346 people.

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