Animal ID No.: A5512344

Animal name: Bonnie

Bonnie is an 11-month-old, spayed German Shepherd that was brought to the Palmdale Animal Care Center on Oct. 24. She was a little scared but was seeking attention. She was easy to handle and allowed being examined without any problem. She enjoys affection. Bonnie is found to have tolerance being around other dogs, but was non-reactive while she was in the play yard with them. She was easy to leash and easy to bring back to the kennel, demonstrating a people-friendly demeanor. At the play yard, the handler opened the gate and was able to easily loop leash her. As she made her way to the pen, she walked beside the runner with no pull on the leash. At the pen, she approached the fence and exchanged soft greeting with multiple dogs. When her handler knelt down and called her over, she excitedly approached and allowed him to easily place the collar on her. When she entered the yard, she approached the group and exchanged soft greeting with a male Pitbull and a female Shepherd. She had soft eyes, but raised hackles and a high tail. As she was exploring the yard, a higher-energy Shepherd approached her. She tolerated the Shepherd sniffing her body but gave an air snap as he began to linger around her face. The warning was respected and space was given. She was gentle with the handlers as she sought affection. She preferred calmer dogs and did not display a play style. Bonnie is recommended to a home with middle school-aged children and calm dogs. To meet Bonnie, visit the center during the public hours of 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., daily, and extended hours of 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., Wednesdays.

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