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William P. Warford

Congratulations to all you Dodger fans who have waited patiently nearly three decades for your team to return to the... Full Story

Twenty years ago I wrote a piece about how television sitcoms seemed incapable of going 30 minutes (well, 22 minutes,... Full Story

With Hollywood putting out so many abysmal movies of late, here's an idea that can't miss: "The Clare Hollingworth Story." Who... Full Story

It was nice that Edwards AFB celebrated the 70th anniversary of Chuck Yeager's breaking the sound barrier, but another aviation... Full Story

A few random thoughts on the news of the day: Kudos to Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger for arranging for... Full Story

The BLVD needs its own song, don't you think? Or perhaps a poem. The revamped Lancaster Boulevard is coming up on... Full Story

Look at this way: If it were like this year round in the AV - if every month were like... Full Story

In the days since the atrocity in Las Vegas, we've heard many people call for stricter gun laws and many... Full Story

Do we get cynical when we get older, or is this just a more cynical time in which we live? In... Full Story

They did not poll this speech or run it by a focus group. No floating a trial balloon to see how... Full Story

As another month winds down, it's time for an Outrage Column, our monthly list of hypertension-inducing items in the news. To... Full Story

It occurs to me that: You have to like the way the Yanks are looking heading into the playoffs. Fall has definitely... Full Story

Yet another study appeared in the news the other day lauding the benefits of walking and lamenting the ills of... Full Story

Lately I notice certain people who were born after me paying a deference that no one ever paid to me... Full Story

Mitch Speed has led a fascinating life, and for years he wrote down scenes from that life with the intention... Full Story


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