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William P. Warford

Jerry Brown is right. Our governor says some off-the-wall things and people like to make fun of him, and often he... Full Story

'What are you reading?" That's the question that inevitably comes up at some point whenever I get together for lunch with... Full Story

It occurs to me that: nIt was nice to see the city of Palmdale appoint Fred Thompson to Laura... Full Story

'I know of nothing which more entirely absorbs the mind. Once the picture begins to flow there is no room... Full Story

Have you ever found a book on your shelves at home and asked yourself, "Where the heck did this come... Full Story

Our lawmakers giveth and lawmakers taketh away. This past week our current state lawmakers - Steve Knight and Steve Fox... Full Story

I don't know if you've heard about this, but a Malaysian airliner went missing last month. Yes, that was snarky sarcasm.... Full Story

President John F. Kennedy, hosting a gathering of Nobel Prize winners in 1962, said, "I think this is the... Full Story

March Madness, it turns out, is in the state Legislature, which leads off this month's Outrage Column: Run guns, collect a... Full Story

The other night I went to a school fundraiser and a celebrity birthday party broke out. Well, that's not exactly... Full Story

EDITOR'S NOTE: While William P. Warford is on vacation, we're rerunning some of his favorite columns. This column originally appeared... Full Story

(Editor's note: While Bill Warford is on vacation, we're rerunning some of his favorite columns. This column originally appeared in... Full Story

We're seeing a lot in the papers this week about the Big Bang Theory. No, not the popular and funny... Full Story

As I write, coverage of the missing Malaysian jetliner is nearly nonstop, and most everyone seems to agree that it... Full Story

It's a question often pondered in literary circles: What makes the Irish so good? As you celebrate St. Patrick's Day on... Full Story


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