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William P. Warford

The only known photograph we have of Abraham Lincoln speaking was taken at his second inaugural address, and John Wilkes... Full Story

One hates to refer to another human being as "irredeemable," but in the case of Christopher Hubbart, the word flows... Full Story

If you are looking for something to read this Martin Luther King Day weekend, something that's inspiring not just for... Full Story

That does it; I'm never watching the Golden Globes again! Oh wait, I never watched the Golden Globes before. Those... Full Story

As the debate over Obamacare heats up, expect the media to flood the zone, to employ the football term, with... Full Story

Busy person that I am, I really appreciate all the fancy high-tech billing options we have today. It's so convenient to... Full Story

Are you feeling richer this week? The state sales tax actually dropped beginning Jan. 1, from 7.5% to 7.25%. Of course,... Full Story

It occurs to me that: It's time to break out again that old black and white (1969) photo of "The last... Full Story

Cicero predicted this. Well, not exactly. The great Roman orator (106-43 B.C.) was not one to make predictions - in fact,... Full Story

Two-thousand sixteen ended pretty much as it began: with controversy at Antelope Valley Hospital. The hospital is the AV's version of... Full Story

One day back in 1995, I noticed several galling items in the news, so I collected them into a column,... Full Story

He was a scholar of Oriental and Greek literature who became wealthy developing the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. His first known... Full Story

There is wisdom in 2,600-year-old stories. I loved "Aesop's Fables" as a kid, and the clear, simple lessons are as pertinent... Full Story

Forget Aerospace Valley - we'll have to change our name to Valley of Champions. As you read in Sunday's paper, Paraclete... Full Story

A 102-year-old woman, the CBS television affiliate in Philadelphia tells us, has the secret to longevity: "Just don't diet. Eat,... Full Story


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