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William P. Warford

I have a new name for our esteemed governor. Calling Jerry Brown "Gov. Moonbeam" is so 1978, and this is... Full Story

We are less than three weeks away from the social event of the season. Well, OK, at least the canine... Full Story

Like most of us, I've always had a strong dislike for people who hurt kids, but it is especially appalling... Full Story

I thought of my friend Ron from back in New York the other day. I've known him for 41 years.... Full Story

Talk about a great doubleheader for Valley residents: Saturday afternoon the B-2 bomber attracted a big crowd at "B.J.'s Corner"... Full Story

All of us old enough to remember the 9-11 attacks remember the shock, the anger, the fear, and the sorrow... Full Story

There's an old adage about advertising and marketing: The best ad campaign in the world won't help if the dogs... Full Story

Picking apples after cross country practice was tough. So was picking strawberries. Hauling chickens out of the barn to waiting... Full Story

We all should work at a terrible job at least once, just long enough to make us appreciate the value... Full Story

The dog days of August are almost behind us, though every day is a dog day at my house. In... Full Story

We begin today by resisting the urge to make puns about California going to the dogs. It is true, though,... Full Story

The dreadful disease ALS is in the news, as the latest Internet craze has people by the thousands dumping ice... Full Story

So it's come to this. I've been saying for the last few years that it is getting harder to write satire... Full Story

I like to take long walks through the streets of cities, including Lancaster, where I have lived for some 17... Full Story

Whenever Valley residents complain about their city councils, I always remind them it could be worse. They could live in Los... Full Story


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