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William P. Warford

The California Association of Teachers of English (known as CATE, not to be confused with the actress Cate Blanchett) offers... Full Story

This weekend marks the "social event of the season" as I always call it: the city of Lancaster's Bark at... Full Story

Despite the summer-like temperatures through most of the last couple of weeks, it is indeed the end of September and... Full Story

You know you've been around a while when a place whose groundbreaking you covered celebrates its 25th anniversary. Such is the... Full Story

It was wonderful, back in the '90s, when Tim Russert had a weekend cable show and he would have Yogi... Full Story

It is a club with no dues, no officers, no by-laws, no agenda, no meeting minutes and no fixed schedule... Full Story

So if the Friday frenzy is any indication, the new rule is that failing to defend Barack Obama when some... Full Story

As a lifelong logophile, I am always on the lookout for new books on language. Harvard cognitive scientist and linguist Steven... Full Story

It is probably too late for Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris to take this advice, even if he finds it... Full Story

All right, raise your hand if you were surprised to learn that the suspect in the shooting at a Lancaster... Full Story

Fourteen years. Most kids entering high school this year weren't even born on Sept. 11, 2001, and it becomes more... Full Story

While I am not a fan of Sarah Palin, I can't help notice she is once again being unfairly ridiculed.... Full Story

Several years ago certified public accountant Anne Breight was talking with her husband, Steve, and his brother about some research... Full Story

Someone should do a study on how many instructional hours are lost annually to schools these days because of "lockdowns." If,... Full Story

Five years ago this week I could have died. True, any of us can die on any given day - life... Full Story


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