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William P. Warford

Five years ago this week I could have died. True, any of us can die on any given day - life... Full Story

The year is almost two-thirds over, we're a week away from the unofficial end of summer, and soon we will... Full Story

It finally happened. How many times have you watched television journalists doing stand-up reports in dicey situations, such as Baltimore... Full Story

It occurs to me that: It's too bad that all the cable channels were too busy showing a campaign speech live... Full Story

It has been four months since my Bridgie dog died, and the question people always ask is, "Are you thinking... Full Story

Hillary Clinton has not called me to ask for advice on how to wriggle her way free from the tightening... Full Story

The first question in the Proust Questionnaire, named for the French writer Marcel Proust ("Remembrances of Things Past") but not... Full Story

Friday's column was about hitchhiking, a practice once common that we seldom see today. Now, thanks to my friend, the recently... Full Story

Uber is in the news of late. It is the hot, new, controversial service that enables people, with the swipe... Full Story

Jerry Ross is a member of the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, he set records for the most space flights... Full Story

When's the last time you heard people talking politics everywhere you went? At Irene's Burgers in Palmdale Friday, where I slipped... Full Story

I don't know that I would go far as to call this a cool summer here in the Valley, but... Full Story

It was 47 years ago - hardly seems possible - that the then-struggling network ABC came up with an idea... Full Story

Did you hear about the Kentucky police officer and the motorist who had just learned that her sister had died?... Full Story

We are about to roll into August, meaning much of Washington will be on vacation. So there is hope. In the... Full Story


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