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William P. Warford

How many billions of dollars do Americans spend on diet and exercise books? Do we really need to learn what foods... Full Story

Sad news today. Horton Scioneaux, retired educator and longtime letter writer, died earlier this week. He was just shy of... Full Story

You do it. I do it. By golly, our presidential candidates ought to do it as well. We're talking jury duty.... Full Story

No one writes letters any more, but many of our nation's Founding Fathers were prolific letter writers and in their... Full Story

It occurs to me that: The news out of South Carolina on Wednesday night was heartbreaking. It's nice that Lancaster is going... Full Story

An obituary that didn't get nearly enough attention last week was that of Vincent Bugliosi. The Los Angeles County prosecutor who... Full Story

The case of the two escaped killers in upstate New York caught the nation's attention and brought back a scary... Full Story

The notion, as expressed by hundreds of residents at a meeting the other day, that high-speed rail would kill Acton... Full Story

In Sunday's column we looked at the reading habits of a famous singer and poet, Art Garfunkel, who has posted... Full Story

How many books have you read? Which ones did you read last year? Five years ago? In 1998? If you're like... Full Story

Some people are always thinking. Great thinkers come up with innovative ideas that change the world. Others, well, maybe with... Full Story

I was reminded over the weekend of that famous quote by Abraham Lincoln: "The problem with Internet quotes is that... Full Story

Do you remember when professional sports had seasons that coincided with the actual seasons of the year? Baseball was the... Full Story

It may be time for the May Outrage Column: School vandalism - It is obviously not as heinous as certain other... Full Story

Spelling is sometimes viewed as anachronistic, as outdated and obsolete as cursive writing and classrooms with blackboards. Most public schools at... Full Story


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