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William P. Warford

James H. "Jimmy" Doolittle is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. "Medal of Honor, Gen., US Air Force, World War II,... Full Story

One of the Valley's finest distance runners of any age is Steve Brumwell, who... Full Story

In 2015, Kevin McCarthy nearly became Speaker of the House, and it was all rather exciting. To have your local congressman... Full Story

Years ago, when I helped my friends at the Antelope Valley Union High School District judge their annual Holocaust Remembrance... Full Story

At the end of the day, we can't keep kicking the can down the road, because this is the most... Full Story

It occurs to me that: It turns out those Facebook weasels are more weaselly than any of us imagined - scanning... Full Story

'Everything gives you cancer; there's no cure, there's no answer." - Joe Jackson, from his 1982 song, "Cancer." It's get more... Full Story

This is getting ridiculous. If it seems like almost a year has passed since investigators from the Los Angeles County District's... Full Story

As the sands run through the hourglass, March is at its end, and that means it is time for an... Full Story

Every so often we read one of those ghastly news stories about how an unimaginably high certain percentage of college... Full Story

The news that the city of Palmdale is going to try again to make a go of the Palmdale airport... Full Story

Tough day for Baby Boomers: Bozo the Clown has died. Or, more precisely, Frank Avruch, one of the many actors who... Full Story

A Southern governor takes a stand against the Confederate battle flag. A judge rules homeless people have rights the rest... Full Story

'The University of Maryland what?" So said myriad basketball fans - diehards and those who tune in only at this time... Full Story

It appears my friends and relatives back in New York will be enjoying (suffering through?) a white St. Paddy's Day. Yet... Full Story


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