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William P. Warford

I have always had a keen interest in etymology. Etymology is the study of the origin of words and how... Full Story

Colin Kaepernick plays football for a team in California, the San Francisco 49ers. Four police officers - Sgt. Steve Owen in... Full Story

No one came away from Wednesday night's debate feeling inspired or uplifted. Nothing we heard moved us away from the... Full Story

Gosh, what a surprise! Your humble correspondent is in exclusive receipt of the latest round of Wikileaks documents, the leaked... Full Story

By the middle of this past week, you had to ask yourself: Who can lift us from this squalor of... Full Story

Question: What do John McCain, Paul Ryan, The Khan family, Miss Universe and Judge Curiel all have in common? Answer: Donald... Full Story

'He knew all the homeless people," Mitch Speed was saying. "He knew their names. He'd stop, get out of the... Full Story

So is this what we're going back to? Back to the early '90s? Back to when I first started writing this... Full Story

And still they answer the calls. Every cop knows that every call could be the last. Sgt. Steve Owen - a... Full Story

The Antelope Valley High School football team celebrated its 100th anniversary with a win Friday night. I can't think of too... Full Story

It occurs to me that: October is the best month, both here in the AV and back east. Long-term marijuana doesn't impair... Full Story

Monday night's big debate lived down to expectations. There was no winner and we the people were the losers. And just... Full Story

That was some debate last night, eh? Can you believe the controversy over that one answer?! Oh, actually I am writing... Full Story

I've never been a fan of California's ballot initiative process. After all, why do we have a Legislature? Apparently the state... Full Story

My late Aunt June, like Jack Benny and Ronald Reagan, used to joke about being 39 years old. All lived... Full Story


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